Lifestyle financial planning is all about YOU.

Here’s a piece of advice that’s as old as the Romans: carpe diem – seize the day.

We encourage that mindset when looking at your financial planning – plan for the lifestyle you want NOW as well as in the future. This frees people up from the traditional linear thinking of work > save > invest > retire > spend. Why save and invest only to enjoy the fruits of your labours when you’re too infirm to take full advantage, or worse, when you’re dead!

By working with you, we can help you to work out the sort of things you may not have realised:

  • You can, in fact, afford to retire NOW.
  • You are saving too much – the main beneficiary when you die will be HMRC.
  • You can, right now, turn your hobby/passion into a business.
  • You can have a once-in-a-lifetime holiday… every year.
  • Or… your expectations currently for your retirement income are wildly over-optimistic.

Too little or too much money each bring problems of course. But having ‘enough’ and just not realising it may well be the biggest problem of all. “If only… if only I’d known I had enough, I’d have…”

Avoid “If only” NOW, as regrets are painful

Lifestyle financial planning is about looking beyond the traditional idea of wealth, in pure accounting terms. It’s about REAL wealth: fulfilment, belonging and meaning to your life, that’s aligned with your financial situation.

If that all sounds a bit woo woo, then be reassured – Hartcliff’s lifestyle financial planning is grounded in a rigorously analytical approach using cash flow modelling. This produces robust, detailed plans that will give you and your family a clear view of how to have ‘enough’ for the rest of your life.

We work with businesses and organisations, and with individuals. Depending on which one of these you are, things work slightly differently.


For you

What is the lifestyle you have, or that you wish for and would then like to sustain, even into retirement? We can help you to look over the horizon, to plan the future you want for you and your family.

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For your business

If you run your own business, what are your plans for it? Does the value of your business form part of your retirement plan? We can help you to take a clear-eyed look at the value of your business and explore options for its future.

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