How does lifestyle financial planning
work for businesses?

Our approach to lifestyle financial planning is less about looking purely at the assets of your business and more about looking at what LIFESTYLE you want these assets to support long term… and then helping you to plan to bring the two into line with each other.

There are four steps to the Hartcliff process, all designed to guide you towards long-term piece of mind. If you like the look of this, then please contact us so that we can put Step 1 in place.

Step 1

The first step is for us to get to know the nature of your company and your ambitions for it. We conduct an audit, covering the past, present and future of your business and how your business fits into your personal goals and aspirations. We analyse your business assets, income and expenditure and how these are impacting on, or can be used to help you achieve, your desired personal objectives.

Step 2

Armed with all this information, which we of course treat with the utmost confidentiality, we conduct a detailed analysis. From this we produce a cashflow model, using the assumption that you will do absolutely nothing different from what you are currently doing in your business today.

Step 3

We then project forward how the future will look for you and your business. We can then produce a series of “What if?” scenarios, modelling various outcomes such as expanding or contracting the business, drawing down capital from it, or selling it off. These form the basis of the preparation of a comprehensive plan, unique to you and your business.

Step 4

Once a plan has been agreed, we will help you to implement it! We work with you to monitor the plan to ensure it is still working for you, or sensibly modify it whenever changing business circumstances throw some curveballs to change things… which of course always happens. The plan is designed to be a flexible tool, not a straightjacket. As well as a formal annual review, we encourage our clients to enter into a collaborative relationship with us, with regular dialogue.


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