Paper boat made from five pound note

Are you living the best life possible with the money that you have?

Think about your money being a sail. It’s the tool you use to get where you want to go! The wind in that sail is the value. We don’t want to just have enough money, we want to live the best life with the money we have. To make sure that you are sailing in […]

Reality check Does your desire to save match your reality

Reality Check – Does your desire to save match your reality?

Is your rate of savings in line with your reality? Are you saving so much that you are not enjoying life as much as you could be right now? Or are you saving as little as possible with the niggling feeling that you are not putting enough aside for your retirement? The piggy bank we […]

Children counting piles of coins

Did You Inherit Your Beliefs About Money From Your Parents?

Parents know that children hear, see and pick up on everything that is going on with the adults in their lives, and when you were a child you were no different. Many of the attitudes we have about money were formed at a very early age as we absorbed how our own parents dealt with […]

Are we on the same page?

What to do when you and your partner are NOT on the same page?

Most couples take a “divide and conquer” approach to household tasks and chores. One partner might handle weekly shopping, the other might handle the rubbish collections and recycling. One partner might handle laundry and cleaning, the other might handle gardening and household maintenance. One partner might drive the kids to school, the other might handle […]


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