The purpose of work and family.

Most of us tie purpose to the things that we spend the majority of our time doing: working and bringing up our families. Again, it’s important to draw a distinction between simple happiness and purpose.

A doctor who has to deal with ill people and mortality might not consider her job “happy” all the time. But helping people gives her that critical sense of purpose that rounds out her feelings of well-being.

Taking care of children will, at times, make even the most patient parents want to pull their own hair out. But feelings of love, connection, and responsibility make both happy family holidays and frustrating afternoons in sending kids to the “naughty step”, purposeful.

If you feel like your life is lacking purpose, start by looking for misalignment in these two areas. Is your job “just a job” that pays the bills? How could you pivot to a career that uses your unique gifts and skills to create purpose? Or are you working so hard that you’re missing key family events, which are also critical to your sense of purpose? Are there ways to improve your work-life balance?

Take a moment to reflect on this and the important things that give your life that purpose then see which direction your heart (and head) say you should be heading . Think about making those adjustments, as life is participation not a spectator sport!

Here at Hartcliff we help our clients with those Head and Heart decisions, by bringing clarity, perspective and experience so that decisions are rational and well informed. Then we work collaboratively with our clients to help then attain and sustain that purpose for both them and their families, making optimum use of the resources they have available.

So if any of the things I have said or maybe just one of these resonates with you, like the pull of more family time, if so then now is the time to take action. It starts with a chat with me, Andy Bennett, I can help you , call me on 01226 446135 or email


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